Marlee The Sweet Tomboy, Will Be A Contestent On Total Drama Haunted House.


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What's Your Best Quality?
  • My kick-b
  • oxing abilities
Faves? (music, color, movie, food)
Favorite type of music?
  • Rock n' Roll
Favorite Color?
  • Purple
Favorite Movie?
  • Pretty Woman
Favorite Food?
  • Tuna Fish Sandwich
Describe your craziest dream.
Being a kick-boxing champion!
Best memory of your childhood?
My Dad coming home from war
Most embarassing moment at school?
Punched a guy in the nose until he bled
Ten years from now, what would you be doing?
A Champion Kick-Boxer
My dream date here would be __________?
Don't know have to get to know the people
It's the last day on Earth, what are your last five words?
i wouldn't speak just kick everyone so it would be less painful

First Impression of the Cast:


Danielle: She's beautiful I would love to be her friend

Malik: ehh he seems ok

Bonnie: Love her hair outrageous color like mine

Dexter: Friendly-looking

Lacey: really nice

Diego: Seems nice

Camilla: She's Pretty

Taylor: He's so cute

Topher: Put a shirt on


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