Jadus, labeled Miss Random is a contestant on Total Drama Haunted House for season one.




Hair Color

Dirty blonde

Eye Color

Sea green


Mother (Mailee) and Father (James)












No one

: What's Your Best Quality?

  • Well.. I have a lot. But I most have to pick dancing. I love moving around and moving my hips.
Faves? (music, color, movie, food)
Favorite type of music?
  • Hip hop
Favorite Color?
  • Gray
Favorite Movie?
  • Karate Kid
Favorite Food?
  • Cheese cake and crackers
Describe your craziest dream.
I had this dream where I was being chased by clowns and they were poking me with a sharp stick. Then I started bleeding. Then I woke up and realized I was just on my period.
Best memory of your childhood?
I went to the annual carnival with my parents and we had so much fun. I was such a joyful little daughter.
Most embarassing moment at school?
I was in middle school, practicing my lines for a school play. I needed to say, " Good luck, Peter, in your adventure." My teacher wrote it down in a strong script pen. I couldn't actually read it, but took it. The school play was on the next day. Because my lines were so hard to read, I said the F-word instead of Luck! I said it in front of everyone, and they laughed. I got detention...
Ten years from now, what would you be doing?
That's a long time, but I will be a manager for Lady Gaga. Less pop and more hip hop.
My dream date here would be __________?
I don't know, anyone would be fine.
It's the last day on Earth, what are your last five words?
"I'll survive, I'm friggin' Jesus."

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