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Bonnie Zanahoria Peters-Romero, labeled Crazy Evil Pony, is a contestant in Total Drama Haunted House for the first season.


Bonnie, at first, seems like a little angel of goodness. Very caring, intelligent and gentle, everyone likes her. Her frail appearance arouses much tenderness. She knows how to mess with the vanity of people, praising at the right time, being tolerant and nice. Exactly the ideal person that everyone wants to have at hand. However, her personality is the opposite of it. She is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a devious 15 year-old backstabber brat who's trying to ruin her aunt Victoria’s life and replace her in everything. With her cute personality, she always gets what she wants. She does not like being told what to do and often says she is doing something because she wants to, not because someone told her. She prefers to get the most out of any situation and tries to improve her own position by abusing the kindness of everyone. She is described as being uncomfortable, narcissistic, bossy, snobbish and a bit outspoken. Being a selfish and arrogant girl, she is often suspicious and paranoid for the weirdest reasons. When angry she can get moody and very violent towards people, and can even make people permanently traumatized. She has multiple personality disorder (although strangely she can control it) and has a sadistic and cold-hearted personality that can potentially harm her physically and emotionally with strange actions, such as slashing her long socks and unzipping her short for erroneous causes. She possibly has a hugely impressive talent in acting and is a great master of disguise. But despite her personality, maybe deep down, she is just an ignored girl who wants to have friends and be noticed by everyone.


Online ProfileEdit

First ImpressionsEdit

  • Camilla: Egocentric slut from hell
  • Danielle: Rebelliously cool
  • Dexter: He's just un estrambótico desacreditado!
  • Diego: He can be really cute
  • Emily: The prettiest girl ever!
  • Jarrod: He is a big moron, I hope he does not get close to me
  • KayCee: Show your personality, girl
  • Lacey: This blondie reminds me of my cousin, the daughter of my aunt Ginger.
  • Malik: I really know him, oh, how everyone knows!
  • Taylor: Beautiful and seems to have talent
  • Topher: Well, I do not need to pretend to him... If you dare to expose me, I'll kill you!


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